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Web & Mobile Development, Design, Branding, and Marketing for bold and highly-motivated SaaS Startup Founders.

Finally turn those ideas in your head into a validated, bulletproof product that'll bring increased revenue in years to come.
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Learn from the Unicorns, but go on to become a Digital Phoenix

Did you know that 90% of startups fail already in the first year? Many of them win pitches. Get the funding. Dream of becoming unicorns. But barely survive the first year.

Trust us, as ex-startup founders, we know very well how many landmines there are. Our culture tends to sugarcoat leading a startup and doing business as linear processes.

We're here to challenge that mindset together with you. We're here to help you not to be another unicorn. Yes, unicorns are shiny and all the hype. But when they fall… They rarely get up, if at all.

Learn best practices from them…. But you're here to create a business phoenix. To rise from the inevitable business ashes every time and become resilient to changes on the market.


Your 360° service pit stop

As ex-startup founders, we know what it takes to develop a SaaS product and that's the base we've structured our team around. You'll find here everything you might need - from validating an idea to a full product and its promotion on the market.

Turn SaaS-y thoughts into real projects.

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Don't Be a Unicorn Be a Phoenix Build Your Legacy Strategy is Your Friend Don't Be a Unicorn Be a Phoenix Build Your Legacy Strategy is Your Friend Don't Be a Unicorn Be a Phoenix Build Your Legacy Strategy is Your Friend Don't Be a Unicorn Be a Phoenix Build Your Legacy Strategy is Your Friend Don't Be a Unicorn Be a Phoenix Build Your Legacy Strategy is Your Friend

Don't sacrifice quality for speed and vice versa

Be it an MVP, POC or a full product, when hiring GG Studio, you won't have to hire additional agencies or freelancers, and endlessly juggle between all of us.

That steals your time and energy, and you don't want that.

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Studies on bold SaaS startup Phoenixes

And how they have built an understructure for resilience to changes in user and market behaviour by strategic product development and branding.

From the moment I came across GG studio, I felt they were genuine and down to earth. They provided us with the step-by-step plan and eventually turned our idea into an app and a website that effectively connect active people with fitness service providers in their proximity. What’s more, the visual branding itself breathes the atmosphere of health and ease. Just what we needed.

Ala Al Danab

Proxfit App

Ala Al Danab, founder

We hired GG to create a web platform that can speed up soccer club’s enhancement and help coaches, analysts, and players achieve the best results possible by using match data. Their ability to synthesize complex requirements into a web platform was fantastic. Their care for all aspects of the project was a relief, and they didn't leave out any valuable features. GG is a great partner to work with.

Remco Van Leeuwen

Sports Analysis

Remco Van Leeuwen, Founder

As eSports psychologists, we wanted to help both individuals and teams level up their performance by overcoming mental barriers. Gaming and psychology aren't easy to reconcile, but GG studio managed to create a visual identity and website that our audience can relate to. They haven’t missed a single detail. If you need a creative team capable of delivering vibrant brand experiences, GG is right for you.

Milan Dumic

The Mental Craft

Milan Dumic, CEO


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