This should've been an About Us page, like 100s of them out there. But it's actually About You.

Let's play this game differently.

Is this you?

You're a bold SaaS Founder looking to validate, develop, brand and market his startup. You don't believe in unicorns and hype, but rather in strategic, smart work and open, growth mindset.

Not afraid to take risks. But not looking to become another one-hit wonder on the market. No, you want a legacy.

You want someone to challenge your idea and not just blindly follow specifications. So you could create something for the generations to come. Something that'll leave a lasting mark on a society. Something to be remembered by.

If you're that kind of a SaaS Startup Founder...

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    You'll get ex-startup founders experience and a roadmap

    We really do understand you. Once a SaaS startup, now an agency that works with people like you open-minded risk-takers, but also calculated, strategy-loving SaaS founders.

    Dualism by nature. Tech and business. Risk and strategy.

  • ggstudio

    You'll challenge the cultural mindset of a one-hit-wonder Unicorns and adopt a Phoenix Mindset

    You've heard it. Get the funding at any cost, then think about making something useful later. Which results in 90% of startups shutting their doors in the first year.

    That's where the Phoenix Mindset comes into play. Why shine for a moment, when you can burn for years? Ok, that sounded weird, let's try this again.

    No business is linear by nature. There are ups and downs. You'll get the tools and mindset from us needed to stay resilient to such changes and rise again and again.

  • 03

    You'll be 30% more profitable

    Hey, we didn't make this up. According to the McKinsey research, startups with a multicultural background are 30% more profitable.

    Why is that? Because of the perspective and diversity. And with our team members in Serbia and Austria, you really get a multicultural flair that brings profitability.


Why GG? If you have ever played Dota 2, you will get it. If not, GG is a sign of respect in the online gaming community. It means Good Game. Our previous startup was called Good Game Arena and it aimed towards professional Dota 2 players. If you're into gaming, you know that it requires strategy. And if we're to sum up our core offer, it's Strategy-as-a-Service.

Here you are, one step away from building a profitable SaaS product. What's your choice?

You can press X and continue to rummage through hundreds of other companies. No hard feelings.

Or you can jump on a free 30-min brainstorming session that often results in Eureka-moments and profitable long-term collaborations.

No pitching. No sales talk. No obligations. No spam afterwards.

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