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Marko Dubocanin

Launch date

January 2018

Scope of work

  • Strategy

  • Branding

  • Research

  • User Experience

  • User Interface

  • Development

Millennials HR company that targeted millennials - their lifestyle and work habits. They were matchmakers between domestic and international candidates and agencies.

We were excited to create a website that helps Millennials find a job easier and quicker, and management tool behind it that helps great HR team to make perfect matches between these applicants and their future employers.

01 Insights and Key Challenges

By 2025, millennials, the "self-expressive, diverse, and connected generation" will make up a majority of the workforce.

And yet, with all the possibilities this generation has, like better education, more tech, connectivity, almost no limits…

They have less wealth than older generations did at the same age.

Who's to blame? Politics, the generation of high student loans, and credit card debts? Tough to say, but the facts are obvious - many of them still live with their parents.

  • Our challenge #1 was to create a platform that will help those home-sweet-home-based Millennials in finding a decent job. There aren't many (if any) generation-focused platforms.
  • Challenge #2 was to create a management tool that will allow our client to manage candidates and companies easier and quicker than by using available tools on the market.

It was an honor to collaborate on this project, since we're Millennials, too (and we don't live with our parents, we're completely financially independent).

02 Millennials, their work ethics and job search

Work ethics and dream jobs of Millennials might sound like a fantasy story (wait till you hear the Gen Z story)…

But we had to dig deeper in order to understand what are their criteria when they look for a job.

As to Reddit, FB, Twitter… and in-the-bar research:

  • They prefer flexible working hours to regular 9-5 jobs. Sometimes they choose to have multiple part-time jobs, rather than one full-time.
  • They value the possibility of working remotely, but on the other hand, they are often willing to change residence for a new job, since traveling is at the top of Millennials' list of aspirations.

03 Millennials don't like messy screens. So we made a clean Job Search.

We crafted user experience based on what they value the most among different employers and their companies' benefits.

  • Using previous insights as high priority information, we either implemented the details into search filters or made them visually distinctive in Job List and related pages.
  • And since almost a third of Millennials exclusively use the internet on their phones, we invested an extra effort to keep the best user experience on all possible devices.
  • This fact affected user experience decisions as well because it made us think about the key features - what's staying, what's being deleted.

Because messy is fussy.

04 Millennials are natural information hoarders. So we made them a blog.

Millennials like to stalk research jobs and companies they are interested in working with.

This encouraged us to make a blog, where they can

  • read how to craft better CVs or cover letters,
  • learn more about other people's experiences as to job interviews, specific job fields, companies etc.
  • build a community through sharing and commenting

05 Brand core… or simply - people behind the scenes

Our client is actually a multi-cultural HR team made of many young and enthusiastic Millennials! So we wanted to emphasize that the human factor is the key to their brand.

Their photos are all over the website since they play the most important role in the whole process - they make perfect matches between candidates and employers.

06 Admin Panel… or simply - core tech behind the scenes

Websites are created usually for users that look for a job. Not this one.

We designed this platform for our clients as well - Millennials HR team in order to help them managing candidates and companies smoothly and to make the best matches quicker.

The well-organized base of all candidates and companies is simple and clear so that key elements are easy to spot. We emphasized only the crucial information that distinguishes users visually from each other, such as status that indicates if the candidate is available or not.

Besides companies and candidates lists, we made

  • insights, such as reports and statistics for easier management,
  • account settings and
  • dashboard for creating tool more personalized.

We came to GG Studio because we wanted to create a job search site for Millennials, plus an HR management tool behind it. They went the extra mile to deliver a bulletproof product, always putting the users at the forefront. It’s impressive how thorough their research was. In addition to making a generation-branded platform that works seamlessly, they branded it in a way that will redefine how users see us.

Millennials HR

Marko Dubocanin, CEO

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