Hyped, down-to-earth individualistic team players and peaceful anarchists who follow the rules sometimes (and possibly gamers) wanted. WTF?!

If you're an all-the-hype Joe or Jane, who wishes to change the world today, who believes in unicorns and disruptive, game-changing software… Go away.

But if you're a normal girl/guy/alien… who emits moderate sparks of excitement when you're talking about biz and tech… not afraid to voice your opinion... and you want to build, brand, and market long-lasting, impactful SaaS products...

...then read on, because we might be a match.

What you can expect from GG Studio Team

Aside from lazy bags (we have none at the moment, can get you one) and occasional team building, beer-drinking activities in the local bar, you'll get:

  • Mentorship

    You'll never walk alone. All of the GG Studio Team members have vast experience in all cycles of product development, branding and marketing. Don't worry about bumps on the road, we'll help you survive avoid them as much as possible.

  • Paid courses and conferences

    Hey, you're working with developers. We have to develop things. That includes you. You're investing into our legacy, we're ready to invest in you.

  • Bonuses and day-offs after a successful project

    Tapping on the back when you're doing a good job. Saying Bravo (GG). Giving you space to grow and be the hero of the day.

  • A friendly atmosphere with plenty of bad politically correct jokes

    The one you'd expect in a studio full of gamers and developers. We yell, curse, make (politically correct) jokes… And we get the job done without stress.

  • A fair salary (for real)

    We invite you to compare our offer with all other offers. Yeah, we know that a competitive salary is often a fluff. Not at GG Studio. Ping us, we'll prove it.

  • Your personal (legal) plant

    A flower. Take good care of it.

This is your cheatsheet if you want a job at our studio

You are not afraid of learning new stuff and expanding your knowledge on SaaS and startups in general

Sometimes you have to spend your entire day at Hacker News, Indie Hackers, Stack Overflow… just to figure your way out. SaaS Startups is a crazy niche. We had a startup. Things change fast. Be ready for that.

You won't leave because of a $50 higher offer. At least not before talking to us.

Yes, money is important. But we foster the culture of team bonding and really don't like people who hop from job to job every three months and put money above everything else. Going for a better offer is fine, we get it. But talk to us before deciding. Perhaps we could find a common ground.

You participate actively in brainstorming… And every other part of business

We encourage you to bring your opinion forward every time you feel the need to. Heck, we expect that you aren't a 101% Yay-Sayer. That's boring. Through challenges we improve.

You know what a deadline is, you're self-disciplined and organized

No special explanation about this. No micromanagement at our studio. But deadlines have to be met.

You like gaming. Not necessary, but a useful trait.

If you're a middlaner or a good support (and you know what we're talking about), even better!

What the recruitment process looks like

  • 01Review

    You recognize yourself in this description above? Send us an email with your CV and relevant projects (if any).

  • 02Interview

    Before testing, come and talk with us. Let's first see if we're a cultural fit. Perhaps you'll adore us afterwards. Or call 911. Who knows.

  • 03Test

    A-ha, show us your skills, padawan. You don't have to try impressing us. Just finishing a task is enough.

  • 04Offer

    Let's talk about money, lazy bags, benefits… We'll try to make you an offer you can't refuse… But feel free to negotiate!

  • 05Work

    Yey, welcome to GG. You're now officially an employee in the company and a valuable team member. Feel free to use as much time as you need to get to know your new environment.

    We'll help you as much as we can, but don't hesitate to ask should you have any doubts.

Open positions

If you read through the page and recognized yourself in the text, then we'd like to hear from you. See our current job openings.

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