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May 25 2023



B2B cold emailing is hard. 

After you’ve finally decided to start pitching your business because that email marketing still works like crazy…Here you are, staring at the blank screen. 

You have so many things to say, you know how amazing your product is, but how to put it in a way that will grab the attention, and actually make your prospects read the email?

There’s a lot of noise in the decision makers’ inboxes, and to cut through that noise, you just have to be relevant. 

Sometimes clever, but more importantly – relevant. 

We’ve written 100s of cold emails, and read 1000s of them, and we’ve noticed the pattern among the ineffective ones: 

  • The sender was just trying to be amusing, not informative, so the emails include just fluff
  • The email was written with 0 empathy, so it ended up bragging, instead of being convincing
  • The email was pure copy-paste, without any adjustments. 

That’s why we’ve decided to include a couple of templates that will help you skip the guesswork, and pitch your business effectively. 
Disclaimer: Yes, these are templates, which means that there will be some copying and pasting, but try to include as much personal information as you can. We are giving you the guidance, but taking a trip is all yours.

Speech bubble

You are pitching an IT hiring platform to a huge software development company, with the constant need of talented and proactive developers. 

Hello, [FIRST NAME]! 

I came across your article about [THE TOPIC], and congrats on [THE RELEVANT ACHIEVEMENT]! 

I assume that your growth is followed by the constant need for talented and proactive developers. After all, your people are your most valuable assets. 

But posting the same old job ads, going above and beyond to create a perfect working environment for precious developers, spending so much time figuring out how to brand yourself as an employer is not working out so well. Right? 

At the end of the day, it feels like they are in the driver’s seat, and not you, [THE TITLE]. 

I’m [YOUR NAME, TITLE, AND THE COMPANY], and we’ve created a hiring platform where you can post your vacancies and make sure that it gets exactly in front of the people it should get. 


Recently, [THE PREVIOUS CUSTOMER] managed to hire 5 seniors, 12 mediors, and 10 knowledge-hungry, proactive juniors! 

Are you available for a 15-min, non-obligational call next week? 

Maybe you are 15 far from accessing the best talent pool. 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Now let’s analyze this email. Why is it good?

First of all, it’s concise. 

We are not going into detail about what we do, we are presenting only the information they need to hit that reply button. 

We briefly mention what the company is, the main benefit, and some social proof. 

We’ve started the email in an attention-grabbing manner, and showed that we are not sending the same email to 1000s of other decision-makers. On the contrary, it’s saying that we have spent some time researching the person. 

Another very important point is that we have shown that we understand them. As soon as they start reading the email, they will be nodding their head, till they say yes to our CTA. 

And don’t forget – you are allowed to have only one CTA. Only one action. 

Do you want to schedule a meeting, or offer a free trial? Because you can’t have both at the same time.


Now let’s set another scene, and see one more example of an effective B2B outreach email.

You are the founder of an email scrapping software. You are sending a mass email. 

Hello, [FIRST NAME], 

I apologize for interrupting you. This is yet another cold email trying to sell you something. We know, it’s quite annoying. 

We are ready for any kind of rejection you have in mind, but before that, would you be kind enough to spend 59 seconds reading this email? Who knows, maybe after this email, you’ll rush into starting a cold outreach campaign by yourself! 

I’m [YOUR NAME], the founder of [COMPANY], a 98% accurate email scrapping service. 

And you are our ideal customer. We’ve had whole teams working on finding out what our target audience is, and we realized it’s someone from your profile. 

This means that we have tailored ALL of our features to your needs.

We know you don’t want to spend days searching for email addresses when you could spend that time actually selling your product. So we’ve created [THE PRODUCT NAME].

We know you don’t want a high bounce rate, so we made sure 98% of contact details are verified. 

We know you don’t want to compromise your LinkedIn profile, so we made it 100% safe. 

After all, we’ve found your address, and it didn’t bounce. Did it? 

If you don’t believe us, here, check what others say about [THE PRODUCT NAME + THE LINK TO REVIEWS]. 

What’s even better, you can try it out for free.


And thank you for these 59 seconds of your time. Hopefully, one day we’ll be able to do the same for you! 

Why is this email good? It’s not even personalized! 

The hard truth is that we can’t always personalize our emails. If we need to send 100s of emails, it would take us days to personalize everything. 

But how to make up for it? 

Just like we’ve done it with this email. 

Honesty works. 

You may not be able to include a personalized detail, but what you can do is:

  • Grab attention
  • Present what’s in it for them
  • Remove the main objection stopping them from signing up
  • Include the social proof
  • Offer something they can’t refuse (risk-free)
At sign

In a nutshell…

To be effective, your emails have to be tailored to your business. Templates that you can find here will hopefully remove whatever it’s stopping you from writing your email, and inspire you to create one for your business. 

If you find these templates suitable for your business, feel free to copy them, but make sure that you’ve changed the information so that they represent your business accurately. 

And let us know how it went! 

Good luck!

Aleksandar Dinic

Aleksandar Dinic


CEO at GG Studio. Designer. Building and re-thinking great products. Helped dozens of startups disrupt the market. An all-time believer that eSport will take the world over.