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Remco Van Leeuwen

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July 2018

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7-figure worth business idea in the area of automated camera solutions. Used by football clubs like Feyenoord, Gent, AZ Alkmar… But also Portugal, Dutch, and Swiss Federations to analyse game footages.

Sports Analysis is a web platform that helps soccer clubs to accelerate their enhancement and accomplish the best possible results through analysis of their matches and training sessions.

01 The Challenge

All across the globe, coaches make superhuman efforts to squeeze 1% more from their club, while players themselves go through hell to improve.

Our challenge was to create a web platform that will accelerate soccer clubs enhancement and help coaches, analysts, and players to accomplish the best results possible by using post-match data.

02 The Problem

It is impossible to catch every single detail during the match.

To be able to take care of every aspect of both the team and individual performance, it is necessary to do the post-match analysis.

This kind of examination became imperative in modern-day football since it helps coaches to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the team, as well as the peculiarities of a particular match.

A collection of data, statistics, and information after the game becomes a tactical advantage to the team and the coach that possesses it.

03 Post-match Analysis

Not everything from a 90-minute game is equally significant for making statistics and conclusions that will help enhance the team's efficiency.

To sort out the valuable information, we developed a set of tools that will help coaches to extract only relevant data from the match.

In order to use those tools:

  • First we need to upload a recorded video material to the platform and assign it to a belonging match.
  • To easily manage multiple videos and matches, we sort them and filter by relevant categories.


We developed a tagging tool to help pointing out all the relevant moments of a game.

That allows you to mark all the significant actions such as goals, kicks, attacks, fouls, offsides, yellow or red cards, etc.

  • Having all important actions tagged in a video allows quick jumping from one to another, which makes further analyzing much easier.
  • All the existing actions are predefined in tagging panels. Once tagging is done, they remain assigned to the belonging match, with the possibility of changing it afterwards.
  • Additionally, actions are automatically sorted into groups, so you can e.g. search only goals for a faster preview.

Tagging Panels

Even though great goals are what leave us breathless or maybe a bit hysterical, there are plenty of other exciting elements of the game.

Like attacks with impossible passes and highly skilled dribblings, unpredictable penalties or masterful goalkeeper defense, and so on...

Those well-known parts of every soccer match. That's why we created predefined panels with all usual and expected actions.

What distinguishes one great soccer club from another is, amongst others, the coach's unique methodology and personality.

So, besides preset panels, we made possible creation of custom-made ones with custom-made actions as well.

Comments & Audio Feedback

Although tagging is a vital part of match analysis, sometimes is simply not enough.

That's why we enabled comments as functionality.

Comments are important because they allow coaches to give feedback to a player or team as to specific situations during the game.

If you turn on the comments while the video is playing, you will be able to hear (or see) the coach's comments. This option allows precise feedback without leaving a place for any misunderstanding.

Drawing Tool

This feature is a superstar amongst post-match analysis tools because it is super useful and easy to use.

When you start the tool, video pauses and it becomes a still "canvas" for coach's art of analyzing and making tactics.

There are all necessary elements for marking individual player or groups and relations between them.

  • You can highlight players,
  • Draw arrows and other predefined shapes for emphasizing
  • Use a freehand tool if you have more complex ideas to express.

For easier recognition, there are plenty of colors to be used as well as a writing tool.

Once saved, the capture assigns itself to a particular action, which means it appears every time the video is played.

Download this capture to local storage for personal archiving, or use it within the platform in later analysis.

Additional screens related to post-match analysis

The post-match analysis uses uploaded videos. The live analysis tool works with live streams and is automated thanks to third-party associates.

Thanks to this, you can calculate particular statistics on half time, and use real-time data to change formation and tactics in order to improve the game and change the score.

04 Live Analysis

During a live analysis, the tool automatically detects errors, measures the heartbeat, marks distances between players… and much more.

This can e.g. help the coach to see patterns in opponent team's attacking and organize the defense, or to see if his player doesn't move well and help him covers terrain more efficiently.

Stats and alerts

Statistics about team's performance, while the match is still taking place, can be very useful for coach.

Live comparison with the opponent team on ball possession, pass attempts, or packing rate affects decision-making on the spot.

While all of this data is available in Stats panel in real-time, you can make a thorough analysis later through infographics and reports.

Furthermore, thanks to AI that supports live analysis, there are alerts that assist the coach by constantly providing information about potential irregularities such as going out of the defensive box or a player being poorly positioned in offensive formation, etc.

05 Pre-match Analysis

A team always wants to prepare for an upcoming match as much as possible.

That's why we created a pre-match analysis - to provide the coach with all specific information on the habits of the opponent team, which allows a home team to make winning tactics.


Within projects, a whiteboard is equally important as a drawing tool for post-match analysis. All drawing features are available here as well.

This means that using a whiteboard allows the team to make tactics by visual planning.

  • Whiteboards can be saved, which automatically archives them in whiteboard collections stored in the sidebar, allowing easy manipulation.
  • Besides this crucial tool, there is a possibility to upload videos and arrange them to folders for quicker visual search.
  • You can upload documents in various formats.
  • List all the players from home and away teams that are expected to play.

Simply said, a project is treasury for all relevant material that can be helpful for making winning tactics for a team.

06 Centralized cloud system (Leagues)

Our ultimate goal is to make analyzing easier.

That's why crafted a centralized cloud system that allows users to watch even those games they didn't uploaded themselves.

We wanted to overcome those obsolete methods of sharing video materials by flash memories or online transfer services.

07 Dashboard / Overview

Dashboard is a user's personal archive… and more than that.

Besides adjustable basic info, there is a

  • nice statistics about number of uploaded videos or tagged actions etc.
  • an overview of upcoming and past matches with all the relevant info shown
  • a list of uploaded videos and playlists, so you can quickly jump from one to another
  • video clips in queue - e.g. the ones that a coach prepared for a player for personal improvement

08 Website

We used the website to present all the important functionalities and tools of the platform.

That will help future users to decide if the platform is a tool they need as a team.

There is also a blog where you can check out who became a latest member of sports analysis team and why, which can also help future users in deciding.

We hired GG to create a web platform that can speed up soccer club’s enhancement and help coaches, analysts, and players achieve the best results possible by using match data. Their ability to synthesize complex requirements into a web platform was fantastic. Their care for all aspects of the project was a relief, and they didn't leave out any valuable features. GG is a great partner to work with.

Sports Analysis

Remco Van Leeuwen, Founder

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